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"if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
— Nikola Tesla

Soul Tuning is the process of connecting with Source Energy to re-calibrate your thoughts and emotions and re-align with your Inner Being. It helps you shift from resistance to flow, re-patterning negative beliefs and moving you from unwanted to wanted experiences in the life you are creating for yourself together with Spirit. 

“You have everything you need for 
complete peace and total happiness right now.”
— dr. wayne dyer
it's all just energy

Our thoughts and emotions have an electromagnetic charge that push and pull wanted and unwanted experiences into our lives. Our body acts as an antenna broadcasting and receiving those signals and just like an old school radio tuner, we "dial in" to frequencies or streams of consciousness - what we often call a "vibe".  


Soul Tuning helps you learn how to harness the powerful Law of Vibration which manages all of these frequencies to help you become

a conscious creator through mindfulness and connection to Spirit. 


It is simply a matter of energy - of resistance and flow. And focus.

With every thought, every emotion, you are either allowing or resisting.

You're either connected to Source Energy or pinching yourself off from it. 

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.
Match the frequency of the reality you want and
you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."
— Albert Einstein
we're supposed to feel good

Our natural state is one of well being. But our overactive minds and negative beliefs can pull us out of that good feeling. Waves of thought emanating from both the conscious and the subconscious mind move us across the spectrum of human emotions - up and down, up and down throughout our day until we sleep and our mind finally stops.


Sometimes we can get stuck frequencies that attract negative experiences. It can be a challenge to shift especially if it's a well practiced belief with a lot of momentum. Soul Tuning helps you shift out of negative patterns to restore your sense of well being with the help of Spirit.  

Where focus goes, energy flows. 

"Life is about the management of energy, where you place your attention, is where you place your energy."
— Dr. Joe Dispenza
What you think you become. What you feel you attract.
What you imagine you create.
– Buddha
about tara

I grew up believing that I had to earn my worthiness...I had to earn being loved through my actions or pleasing behaviour or hard work. Nothing could be further from the truth!

We are not granted worthiness from a benevolent higher power as reward for hard work or sacrifice or behaviour according to some abstract and inconsistent set of rules.

We ARE that higher power. We are the expression of Source.

We are pure positive energy beings having a human experience.

And when we learn how to get out of our own way, the universal energy that creates worlds flows through us creating the big, beautiful, joyful life we desire.

We simply need to remember who we are and where we come from. 


Combining elements from my training in Integrative Energy Therapy, Psych-K, Psychic Mediumship and Trance Healing together with the wisdom and work of leaders in the healing space such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Wayne Dyer and more, I developed the process of Soul Tuning to help others re-align with Source, tap into their true power and live their highest purpose.


In a Soul Tuning session, I connect with Spirit, read your quantum field and translate your own frequencies back to you. The session reveals what you need in that moment in time, whether it be connection with loved ones who have passed, communication with your spirit guides or simply to identify flow and resistance in any area of your life giving you the tools you need to re-align with your Inner Being. The experience restores your sense of well being and simply helps you feel better - because we are supposed to feel good!

When we learn to identify and release resistance, it allows our natural sense of well being to flow through us. We are then flooded with the remembering of who we are and where we come from and we feel good again.

We are Pure Positive Energy.

We are Love.


Pure and simple. 

~ Tara xo

What others have Experienced

"Soul Tuning with Tara was a fascinating and wonderful experience!

Tara has tapped into a gift she has to be open to the energy of others and the field that surrounds them. In a session, she is in tune with the messages from your spirit guides and other energies (mostly from

Loved ones in my case which was very heart warming).

She does so in a very open and non-judgemental way…a true spiritual medium. My session really helped me during a tumultuous time, giving me insight as to the unseen forces at work for myself and my family’s well being and happiness. I look forward to my next session! 


“It is very difficult to properly encapsulate my Soul Tuning experience.  What I can say is that it was a moving, insightful & beautiful beginning to my journey of Self-discovery."


I first heard of Tara in an unusual way. Tara had a message for me from my daughter who has passed. Tara and I had never met. The message was passed on through a friend. The beautiful surprise I received was that my daughter, in spirit, would be at my son's wedding. Tara even confirmed my son's name in this beautiful message. We finally met for a reading.

Tara is very confident in her abilities. She delivers messages with such warmth and love. She is so accurate in her validation of my daughter’s presence. Thank you, Tara for giving a mother and her family some peace through a journey that is difficult. 


"I have had the pleasure of inviting Tara to perform in front of my own group. The room was full and she engaged the participants with her talent as a music medium and skill as a seasoned performing artist.  When she spoke, she held the peoples attention. When she sang her healing words, she had some in rapture hearing the voice of an angel. I highly recommend Tara Shannon as an authentic healing medium who uses her gifts so generously with others."



“I had the pleasure of having Tara as a participant in my Advanced Mentoring Program, specifically to learn the mechanics, ethics and responsibility of being a psychic and a medium. She not only understands the complexities of mediumship but her delivery of messages is loving and beautiful… with enthusiasm, caring and from the heart. I would recommend Tara for a reading not only for her accuracy but also for the wonderful caring person she is.”



“When Tara told me that my dad wanted her to tell me  “he was proud that I left my wine in the kitchen” I just about dropped my teeth! I thought “ how did she know I left my wine in the kitchen, on purpose?” Obviously it’s because she really is communicating with the other side. Tara’s gift is a blessing to anyone that knows her and to those that get their souls “tuned-up” through her and “spirit” as she calls it. Tara shares what she hears from your loved ones with you. It’s a beautiful experience. I value Tara and her gift immensely. 


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